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Scale-Tron Batch-Tron II


Scale-Tron BatchTron II

The full-featured Batch-Tron II is one of the most popular choices for batching controllers among many large companies in the concrete industry. Now an industry standard, it was the first system to offer touch screen operation for both manual and automatic controls and is consistently being updated to meet the growing demands of the concrete industry.


Features and Advantages of the Batch-Tron II

  • Uses a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC); not a Windows/PC based automation controller. Unlike a windows based PC, this PLC cannot crash and many PLCs have run for 10 years without service of any kind.
  • Has program memory whereby operational add-ons can be installed as needed. It can link up with your office computers to facilitate communication flow. Also, options such as printed batch reports, modem communication, mixer moisture system interface, and maintenance alarms can be added easily depending on the needs of your facility.
  • Performs automatic tolerance checks on all ingredients. This self-tuning controller is complete with automatic aggregate moisture compensation, programmable alarms and programmable timers. This means that no unauthorized ingredient or process will go unreported.
  • The colourful touch screen is easy to use and intuitive. These functional controls require little training time.

Benefits of the Batch-Tron II

Batch-Tron II will give you Confidence in your concrete batching with the accuracy you need all at a Cost Effective price. Meets the standards of PCI, NPCA, NRMCA, and several other plant certification associations.


 For technical Specifications on the Batch Tron II here
  • Formula Storage Capacity: 280
  • Number of Aggregates: 6
  • Number of Cements: 3
  • Number of Waters (by volumetric meter): 2
  • Third Scale (water or other): Optional
  • Number of Admixtures (by meter): 6
  • Aggregate Moisture Compensation: Standard
  • Programmable Timers: Standard
  • Programmable Alarms (Plant Functions): Standard
  • Self-Tuning of Jogging & Preact: Standard
  • Self-Recovery After Power Failure: Standard
  • Mixer Controls: Optional
  • Ribbon Discharge: Optional
  • Custom Mixer Sequences: Optional
  • Extended Plant Automation*: Optional
  • Automatic Batch Call & Delivery**: Optional
  • Automatic Moisture Sensors: Optional
  • Slump/Mixer Moisture Meter: Optional
  • Batch Reports: Optional
  • Totals Reports: Optional
  • Computer Database Link: Optional
  • Modem Diagnostic System: Optional
  • Reading Speed: 50 per Second
  • Load Cells: 4 per Scale
  • Screen Size: 4.6”x3.5” (117mm x 89mm)
  • Colour Display: Optional
  • Electrical Control Inputs: 24 VDC Standard, 110/240 VAC Optional
  • Electrical Control Outputs: 110 VAC Standard, 240 & 24 V Optional
  • Cabinet Size, console model: 20” x 12” x 14” (508mm x 305mm x 356mm)
  • Cabinet Size, wall-mount model: 20” x 8” x 20” (508mm x 203mm x 508mm)
  • Cabinet Weight (consol): 35 lb/16kg
  • Cabinet Weight (wall): 45 lb/20kg

* Skip hoists, conveyors, holding bins etc. ** Precast and block plants

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