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McCoy Equipment FV 300- Filter Vent


McCoy FV 300- Filter Vent

The McCoy FV- 300 filter vent provides an efficient yet inexpensive solution for dust and particulate matter emissions with air flows to 300 cubic per minute (CFM). It is the ideal solution for smaller projects like cement scales and may be used for larger applications such as cement storage silos.

Similar to the DC-300 dust collector, The McCoy FV- 300 is a compact cylindrically shaped Filter Vent used for venting pneumatically filled silos as well as cement scales, weigh hoppers, or mixers.

Control panel options available for any application.



Features and Advantages of McCoy FV 300 Filter Vent

  • Galvanized steel/stainless steel with optional fully stainless steel construction.
  • Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit integrated inside weather protection cover.
  • Valve mounted on/off pulse timer.
  • Filter media has Metal top construction and Dual Seamless Seal (DSS) design allows for a superior fit and dust-tight seal to prohibit tube sheet leaks.  Metal top can also withstand higher operating temperatures versus urethane tops, which can rot and split.
  • Pleat+Plus® filter elements facilitates higher throughputs, longer life, and higher efficiencies than Baghouse systems.
  • Pleat+Plus® filter elements can reach filtering efficiencies of 99.99362% for PM 2.5.
  • Wide and shallow pleat design improves dust cake release.  Pleat anchored band with riveted overlap reduce failures in heavy industrial applications.

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