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Designed for: Elevated Decks, Ground-Level Decks, Decks On Gradients and RV Supports.

Stand alone, stackable and reversible.

Deckfoot® is a proven performer in the Home Center Market. This unique patented system sets itself apart with its interlocking stacking feature. Each block is 12 inches (300mm) across the flats and 5 ½ inches high to match nominal lumber (it may be produced 6" high.) One surface accepts a 4 x 4 post (may be produced for 6 x 6) and a 2" thick board and the other accepts a through 2" joist. The stack feature promotes higher sales while reducing the customers need to purchase wood posts. Promotional material, drawings, photography and mould engineering round out the package. US and Canadian patents and trademarks registered.

Prime Market Areas Available.

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Circle Pak®

Circle Pack paving stones

Circle Pak® System was developed with commercial installations as much as residential installations in mind.

The unique patented circular paver arrangement creates circles, fans and arcs with the smallest joints of any similar system on the market. This assures a good lock up and reduced liability than open joints.

A proven track record with thousands of square feet sold over the past 10 years, it can be scaled to work with 120mm or 150mm based square and rectangular paver arrangements.

E.g. 150 x 150, 150 x 225, 75 x 150, 150 x 300 mm etc. Expand the market with surface textures and finishes.

Prime Market Areas Available.

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