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For well over 20 years, J McCoy Equipment has provided the North American concrete industry with highly focused concrete solutions. Specializing in customized batch plants, customized machinery, and product distribution, J McCoy Equipment brings innovation and creativity to any job, big or small.

wetcast filling system McCoy Perfect Portion Wet Cast Filling System When combined with our complete material handling package our Perfect Portion mold filling system can automate your wet cast production of slabs, pavers or more


SILOMax McCoy SiloMax Anti Over-Fill Control System The SiloMax Anti Over-Fill Control System can eliminate the problems involved with an over filled silo. Through audible and visual alarming mechanisms, this product will ensure that your Silos get filled to their capacity, without being over more


McCoy Vibrating Table McCoy Vibrating Table The vibration is by 2 Netter Knaur Model XHD-C24T electric vibrators each with adjustable eccentric weight and capable of a maximum force of 4400 lb.  The combined force is 8800 more


McCoy Indexing Conveyor McCoy Indexing Conveyor & Filling Device c/w stand An indexing conveyor to move the forms through the filling station consists of two rails running the length of the production area which act as tracks for the pusher more


Packaging Line Vacuum Monorail Packaging Line Vacuum Monorail A pick and place, vacuum operated handling device which is manually operated by pendant control.  It uses electric gear motors for the travel and rotating functions, and uses hydraulics for the lifting and side shift more


McCoy Rollover Device McCoy Roll Over Device Production pallet rolls into position, is sandwiched by an upper conveyor. The entire device rolls over and ejects the inverted pallet on to the pallet cleaner conveyor more


McCoy Mud Feed Augers McCoy Mud Feed Augers Mud Feed Augers for delivering the concrete to the filling more




McCoy Filling Device c/w standMcCoy Stacker/Destacker This hopper is mounted on a load cell to sense the concrete level in the hopper. The hopper has hydraulic swing for placing in the various mold cavities and hydraulic pinch valve to control the concrete more


McCoy Chain Transfer Conveyor McCoy Chain Transfer Conveyor The Chain style Transfer Conveyor is used to place your wooden pallets for more